Hosted by the South Bay home Association at their building adjacent To the Ctr., Moriches high school December 15 was a huge success.
This Event could not have occurred without the help of many organizations and individuals.
We would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who participated in making this event possible.

The Knights of Columbus Queen of all Hearts members and their wives who graciously serve the food.

feed hungry

The Boy Scout troop 414 who did so many things: from working the doors to cleaning up the tables, and carrying heavy trays of food.

Troop 414

We would like to extend a special thank you to all our local restaurants and food service establishments who so generously provided all the food and desserts, and even take-home containers that proved very helpful.

Below you’ll find a list in alphabetical order of all the food establishments that were so generous. Please let’s show our gratitude to these business owners by frequenting their establishments. Mention that you heard they gave to the feed the hungry night.
Our local business owners are a vital part of our community lets support them whenever we can.
Please bookmark this page of local businesses, or print this page out so you have it handy.

Alitalia – 532 Main Street, Center Moriches – (631) 874-3810
Bagel Café – 504 Montauk Highway, Center Moriches – (631) 909-8900
Brothers Four Pizza – 310 Main Street, Center Moriches – (631) 878-1547
Buckley’s – 386 Main Street, Center Moriches – (631) 909-8330
Country Cottage Diner – 334 Main Street, Center Moriches – (631) 878-6408
La Volpe Restaurant – 611 Montauk Highway, Center Moriches – (631) 878-2528
Mama Lisa Restaurant – 1226 Montauk Highway, Mastic, (631) 395-4600
Michelangelo Pizzeria – 794 Main Street, Center Moriches – (631) 878-4755
Moriches Bagel Deli – 329 Main Street, Center Moriches – (631) 878-7395
Moriches Bay Diner – 62 Montauk Highway, Moriches – (631) 878-682
Nettie’s Bakery 177 East Main Street Center Moriches -(631) 400-9200
Sea Cove – 361 Main Street, Center Moriches – (631) 874-1071
Seasons of China Restaurant – 391 Main Street, Center Moriches – (631) 874-8290